AmeriCorps is a national service organization, similar to the Peace Corps, where members can serve individually or on a team in organizations throughout the United States. Member's main goals are to help meet an unmet community need through mentoring, tutoring, disaster response, building affordable homes and much more! Each year over 80,000 members serve in AmeriCorps helping to “Get things done for America!”

Habitat for Humanity of Indiana’s AmeriCorps Program

Habitat for Humanity of Indiana’s AmeriCorps program is an AmeriCorps State program run through the State Support Organization. The program is overseen by the Program Director, Beth Resler, who helps recruit, trains and maintains the members and host sites. Members are then directly overseen by their Site Supervisor for personal and professional development at the site.

AmeriCorps State members serving in Habitat for Humanity of Indiana’s program serve Habitat for Humanity affiliates as full-time and part-time members in one two ways: The Traditional Role and the ‘A Team’. Traditional members are placed in affiliates as Volunteer Coordinators, Family Selection/Services Coordinators, Construction Assistants or to help complete a special project. Members serving on the ‘A Team’, serve together as a team of 5 full-time members who are based at a main host site affiliate and then travel for 1-2 weeks at a time to other affiliates to help with builds or special events.

In both positions, members must complete 450, 900 or 1700 hours and their affiliate’s requirements of service from their mid-September start date until the end of August of the following year. During the service year, members receive a stipend of $12,530 (1700 hours), $6,265 (900 hours) or $3,132 (450 hours) which is broken into equal increments throughout their term. Upon successful completion of their service, members receive an Education Award which is used to repay qualified student loans or future educational opportunities.

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